9 Seater Self Drive Minibus Hire

The Benefits of our 9 Seater Minibus Hire

9 seater self drive minibus hire

There will inevitably be a situation at some point in time when you need to travel with a group for work or for pleasure. So, take the hassle out of planning a group event that involves travel, be in full control of your trip and hire a minibus.

Minibus hire is rapidly becoming a popular choice for group travel in the UK and Europe because it’s an affordable and convenient option. It’s very cost-effective, and travelling together means you will all have the added bonus of travelling in good company.


The Benefits of our Minibus Hire:

The cost of hiring a minibus is substantially cheaper if you are travelling as a group because dividing the total price between yourselves will decrease the individual cost and will likely work out much cheaper than alternative transport options.

Our 9 seater minibus means you will be able to make your travel plans together, whether it’s to get to a business meeting, a sports event, a wedding, a family party, or to get to anywhere!



How Can Minibus Hire be Useful?


Business trips

Our minibus is an ideal option for business trips. Not only does travelling together ensure that everyone gets to arrive at the same time,  a minibus also ensures you all have the privacy you need to discuss confidential business matters whilst travelling to the venue.


Sporting events

Our 9 seater minibus hire option is a popular choice when travelling to sporting events. Groups travelling to events can take advantage of reduced travel costs, whilst getting the added benefit of socialising and chatting about the match they are travelling to.


Weddings and family gatherings

Our 9 seater minibus hire package is an excellent choice for weddings or any kind of family gathering. Family and friends travel together in comfort and privacy. They all get to the venue at the same time, and it’s a perfect opportunity for a catch up especially if it’s something you do not get to do that often.


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