Mobility Coach Hire in Birmingham

Our Mobility Coach Hire in Birmingham

mobility coach hire birmingham

Why shouldn’t passengers with disabilities enjoy the same comfort level as able-bodied passengers when on the move? A full-size mobility coach offers those who need accessible transport the opportunity to do and see more, with no compromise on comfort!

In this article we take a look at some of the benefits which you can expect from our mobility coach hire:


State-of-the-Art Technology

You can look forward to a mobility coach which uses a full hydraulic lift to carry wheelchair passengers. This offers full access to wheelchair passengers who would not be easily accommodated in a standard coach. Among the other features are a mechanism which allows the front of the vehicle to be lowered in order to achieve easier access.


Big on Relaxation

From an air conditioning system to reclining seats, a hot and cold drinks facilities and double glazed windows which retain the heat in the vehicle, everything is done to ensure that mobility passengers are able to be transported in total comfort. So once on board, mobility passengers don’t have to worry about anything – they can sit back and enjoy the ride.


The Benefits of a Singular Level

One of the design features of a mobility coach is that steps are kept to an absolute minimum for ease of access. Take the toilet facilities, for instance. They are located on the same level as the seats, so that mobility passengers are able to access them freely.


Experienced Personnel

You can expect both the customer service team and drivers involved with mobility coach hire to be experienced in this particular area. That means that they are empathetic to the needs of people with disabilities, and are able to work with bookers to ensure that the best arrangements are made for each group.


Trust the Specialists

If you’re looking for mobility coach hire in Birmingham locals recommend, AVTL are the specialists in this area. We are able to tailor our packages to the specific needs of your trip. Mobility coaches like ours can open you up to a new world of travel possibilities, and with our high standards of professionalism, you can have peace of mind in our luxury mobility service.

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